Our Guide To Tester Pots

Our Guide To Tester Pots

Have you ever bought a tin of paint, got home and started painting with it only to realise it looked totally different the colour chart and you actually don’t like it?

Here’s our guide to using tester pots to ensure that you get your perfect colour.


1. Always buy a tester pot first

Paint always looks different at home than it does on the colour chart. Its best to get the sample pot and see how it looks before committing to a bigger tin only to realise you don't like it.


2. Don't paint it on the wall

Paint your tester on a piece of cardboard or lining paper and stick it to the wall with blue tack - this way your tester is now portable and you can move it round the room to see how it looks in different places.


3. Monitor the colour throughout the day

Your colour will look different in the morning light compared to the afternoon light and artifical light when you turn your lamp on in the evening.


4. Does the colour work with your furnishings?

Put your tester next to your furniture and see if it goes. You can also take it with you  when shopping for new pieces for your room

What colours are you choosing from at the moment?

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