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Anti Mouse Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellents from The Big Cheese are a discreet and effective way to drive rodent pests out of homes and living areas. The welfare-friendly, plug-in deterrents produce ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets, including cats and dogs, but are within the hearing range of mice and rats. Each Mini-Sonic unit will provide continuous protection of a single room. Below are the features of Mini-Sonic Repellent New generation ultrasonic repellent: provides continuous ultrasonic output to help humanely drive away rodents and prevent their return Low-cost round the clock protection: simply plug in and switch on Discreet micro-footprint: small design does not Obstruct other plug sockets and allows their full use Pet-safe and welfare-friendly deterrent: ultrasonic soundwaves released by the deterrent cannot be heard by humans or non-rodent pets Poison-free control: Suitable for use in food prep areas or where contact by non-target animals is a risk