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Dewalt Mesh Sanding Discs 240g (pack of 5)

Original price £11.50 - Original price £12.95
Original price
£11.50 - £12.95
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  • Mesh sanding sheets last at least four times longer than traditional DEWALT sandpaper sheets.
  • Fibres are drawn away from the surface into the small holes, and don‘t sit between the material to be sanded and the abrasive grains. This optimises the sanding effect.
  • Dust can be drawn through the mesh sanding sheet across a wider area rather than being limited to distinct holes in traditional sandpaper.
  • Easier mesh sanding sheet selection as there is no requirement to match a specifc dust extraction whole pattern.
  • The user can clean the mesh sheets, removing the dust from the wholes and bring the sheets back to a nearly new condition.
  • Makes using the sander quicker and easier by not having to use clip fastening associated with non hook and loop sheets.