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HG Scale Away 3 x Stronger Spray 500ml Removes Persistent Scale In Your Bathroom
  • Extremely powerful, 3x stronger formula removes that type of persistent scale quickly, easily and thoroughly
  • Does not affect chrome, glaze or grouting
  • Leaves a brilliant shine

HG scale away foam spray 3x stronger – remove persistent scale in your bathroom quickly and easily! 500 ml

Every day, sanitary ware in the bathroom is exposed to scale because water and scale go hand in hand. Scale leaves a dull haze on tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bath tubs, sinks, taps, worktops and in the toilet. Scale can be very persistent, therefore HG “”scale away foam spray 3x stronger”” has been developed! This extremely powerful, 3x stronger, scale remover removes persistent scale quickly, easily and thoroughly, leaving a brilliant shine..