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  • Scale away foam spray
  • Every day, sanitary ware is exposed to scale because water and scale go hand in hand. Scale leaves a dull haze on tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bath tubs, sinks, taps, worktops and in the toilet. HG "scale away foam spray" removes the scale haze quickly and thoroughly, leaving a brilliant shine.
  • Other problem-solvers from HG
  • HG liquid drain unblocker
  • Due to its unique composition this product is ready for use. Hot water is therefore unnecessary. All types of waste pipes can be unblocked without splashing or foaming. A capful poured down waste pipes is enough to remove unpleasant odours immediately.
  • HG super powerful toilet cleaner
  • The specially developed formula of HG "super powerful toilet cleaner" effectively removes all types of problem soiling, such as persistent scale, uric scale, or other types of deposits that are difficult to remove from the inside of the toilet pan, the neck of the toilet, or invisibly under the rim.
  • HG mould spray
  • Black mould stains can really be an eyesore. They often appear in silicon grout, cement grout in damp places, such as the shower, bathroom, cellar, garage etc. HG "mould spray" removes these stains quickly and efficiently.
  • Biodegradable according to regulation 648/2004/EC
  • Removes scale fast
  • For an extra shiny result
  • Pack size: 500ML