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Effective for up to 4 months Deterrent And Killer Effective Fly Control Rentokil have been improving this product over recent years and this is the fourth improvement ! This is a slimline version of the old unit along with higher concentrate of active ingredient, hence it lasts longer than the old unit. The product contains: Transluthrin 10.31%w/w which is widely used as an insect killing agent, however, it appears that at this concentration it is effective as both a fly deterrent and flying insect killer. This unit controls most flying insects including flies, moth, mosquitoes & gnats etc. The Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette can protect up to 30 cubic metres for up to 4 months. Use two units for larger rooms. Do not place in direct sunlight or on top of radiators otherwise performance time will be drastically shortened. Slide the date indicator to the expiry date when removing the Fly Killer Cassette from its foil packaging.