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Rentokil Wooden Rat Trap Strong wooden trap, made from FSC certified wood No bait needed as trap plate is scented Reuseable, easy to bait and set Poison free The wooden rat trap is an easy to set, powerful trap designed to kill rats indoors quickly. No bait is needed as the plate is scented, so it’s easy to use and has no poisons. This wooden rat trap is made from FSC certified wood from responsible sources. How to use The scented pedal means no bait is required. However, over longer periods of time this may diminish, so bait can be placed on the trap pedal if needed - peanut butter or chocolate spread are ideal. Pull back the strike bar and lock in place to set. To dispose of rodent bodies double-bag and place them in a bin with a secure lid. Where to use For indoor use only (homes, garages, sheds etc). Place where rats have been seen. This trap is powerful. Always read the label before use.