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Available in grades 1000, 1200 and 1700, Erfurt MAV lining papers produce the perfect base for decorating with other wall coverings, emulsion painting and some paint effects. There is a grade suitable for all decorating applications.

Provides a degree of surface reinforcement, covers small cracks and defects whilst preparing surfaces for paint or decorative wallpaper.

Recommended adhesive: good quality ready mixed. Pattern Repeat: free match.

At ErfurtMAV, we constantly strive to deliver the best quality products; Our highly regarded Professional Lining base material has historically been sourced from Finnish forests. Unfortunately this source has announced it closure and as a result we have now developed our own techinically excellent base material, with higher tear resistance which will be substituted for the Finnish stock as supplies reduce. Optically, the new formula paper is very similar, but to guarantee consistent results, we recommend rolls are not interchanged during a project.

  • Protects and prepares older plaster in sound condition for paint or wallpaper
  • Will cover and smooth out larger cracks and other defects
  • Single length: 10m x 56cm coverage: 5.6m² approx
  • Contains no PVC or fibreglass
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended paste : Good quality ready mixed
  • Soak Time : 10 mins