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Paint Kettle

Original price £0.53 - Original price £2.52
Original price
£0.53 - £2.52
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Plastic paint kettle for use with all types of paint.
It can also be used for mixing wallpaper paste, holding nails, screws and small tools when working at height.

Rather than using paint direct from the manufacturer's can use a kettle after thoroughly mixing the paint in the can, pour off a quantity into a paint kettle and use the paint from the kettle. The advantages of this is that the main can of paint can be resealed to reduce evaporation and contamination of the remaining paint. If you have an accident with the paint kettle, less paint will be wasted than if you were working from the manufacturer's can. You may need to top-up the kettle during the job.
After you have finished the work for the day, throw away any paint left in the kettle to avoid possible contaimation.