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Zinsser Drywall Pro 2-IN-1

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Drywall Pro 2-in-1 is a unique priming and sealing system for preparing new or damaged dry wall, plaster and porous surfaces for painting, wallpapering, texturing and other decorative projects. Damaged drywall, new drywall, filler and joint compound skim coats, plaster, wallpaper, wallcovering adhesive residue, texture paint and chalky, builder’s flat paint are potential problem surfaces for wallcovering and painting because they are porous, moisture sensitive, loose or chalky. Zinsser Drywall Pro 2-in-1 penetrates and seals these surfaces to create a sound, water-resistant, trouble-free foundation for painting, wallpapering, texturing and other projects. In addition Zinsser Drywall Pro 2-in-1 prevents bubbles that form when damaged dry wall is skim coated with filler or joint compound. It penetrates and seals damaged facing paper, restoring it to a sound surface for repairs, suitable for painting or wallcovering. New gypsum drywall, joint compound and filler are very porous and can make finishes and coatings appear uneven. Zinsser Drywall Pro 2-in-1 penetrates and uniformly seals these surfaces, creating a moisture resistant film that also protects drywall from blistering, tearing and other damage when redecorating in the future. Zinsser Drywall Pro 2-in-1 seals residual wallpaper adhesive and texture coatings, forming a water-resistant barrier that prevents water in topcoat primer or paint from affecting the surface.